Waiting in the DEN

May, 2006

I got to the airport, sat for a while, found out my flight has mechanical problems and will be delayed … and that I may or may not make it to New York tonight. Oh well … part of life.

So I settled in and was a bit distracted by a man with a syringe, smacking it against his hand and then injecting himself as he sat in the waiting area next to the gate.

Huh. I assume it was an insulin shot, but it made me realize, I’m not very creative when it comes to entertaining myself when I have to wait. I spend most of my time trying to avoid touching old gum on the bottom of my chair or noticing that I’ve gotten some sort of smelly filth on my hand from touching something. Then I’ll read a book. This guy performed a sterile medical procedure on himself. Wow.

Then I looked up and noticed something odd. You know those things behind the gate agent? Where they post the schedule and have the airline logo? They look something like this:


Well, the one next to my gate looks like this:


What happened? Did some bored passenger or gate agent decide to execute the most amazing boredom prank ever and steal the backwall of the gate stand? Then I thought, “hmmm, they say my flight is delayed because of a mechanical difficulty. Could this be the mechanical difficulty?”

So I looked out the window at my plane:


Looks fine to me (except for the bit of bird excrement on the window at the top left). Nice view, huh. Then I thought, “it must be horrible to be out there with that broken plane. Imagine the panicked ramp crew scrambling around to get this plane, with me on it into the air.”

So I glanced at the frantic ground crew:


Well, I guess it’s everybody’s lot to do some time waiting today.

So I’ll be right here. Waiting. People watching. Maybe even reporting if something interesting happens, like, for instance if this guy finishes his Sudoku puzzle: