Things I Hope Americans will not Forget

[repeat from August 20, 2016]

Things I hope Americans will not completely forget:
– The sound of a genuine and specific apology

– That an apology doesn’t erase consequences

– The basics of our system of government

– That tough choices in the short term are a part of long term success

– The sound of respectful public rhetoric

– The sound of the whole truth and humility when faced with contradictory facts

– The importance of collaboration, productive compromise and empathy for the needs of others

– Nobody gets everything they want all the time

– That you can win an argument but lose a friend

– That God is neither a member of a party, surrogate of a candidate nor promoter of human governments

– That experience and competence are good things

– That when you pick a fight with the people you need most, you have created your own problems

– That the world watches and forms opinions based on what public rhetoric and how we behave abroad

– That we live in relative prosperity and safety in the richest, most powerful country on earth

– That to be polite, kind and sensitive to one’s impact on others is not ‘political correctness’

– That it’s not okay to exploit the misfortunes of others to benefit ourselves

– That it’s very difficult to become a citizen or green card-holder in the US

– That exponentially more crimes and attacks are prevented than committed

– Life is not a win or lose proposition. In the end, we all die (sorry to ruin the surprise)