Test Complete

During the month of October, I set up Facebook Instant articles on this blog and tested it as part of a “try one innovation per month” process I started over the summer.

Experiment Done. Thanks to those of you who followed along. I’ll continue to post occasionally, but don’t hold your breath.

If you’re mainly interested in blog musings, you may leave now. This is going to get a bit dry from here. Bye.

For the rest of you …

Instant Articles involves setting up a Facebook page (page, not profile), creating an ‘app’ (you don’t have to create an actual app, a click or two sets up  the framework for one – which is sufficient) then connecting a blog to the Instant Articles-enabled page. 

The WordPress plug-in for Instant Articles submits some of your blog entries for review and after a few tweaks, you’re set-up and approved.

I posted various types of content, posted from my phone, from a desktop and from a Kindle Fire. I tested some other wonky things also in the WordPress cms. IA pretty much did whatever I wanted, though occasionally, the formatting was a bit too structured for certain types of articles.

Instant Articles was weirdly difficult to set up at first, but after doing it once, it was easy to do on other blogs.

What I like is the ability to include one’s carefully-built Facebook connections as part of an audience for a WordPress blog. The Instant Articles story page is also clean and fast-loading.

The analytics are basic to the point of silly on FB Instant Articles, so the off-FB blog where one is posting should continue to use Google Analytics, Jetpack or whatever your favorite package.

It’s worth doing your own test.

If you do, let me know how it goes.

Til then …

Ciao …bb