Scratchpad. 01/31/2017

Scratchpad – FWIW:
– I’ve worked for several companies where a boss came in and said get with the program or leave
– Most had read about a football coach winning football championships using this ‘in your face’ turnaround strategy
– The first time, I thought it was powerful – and cool. A strategy for the successful
– The good people left
– There weren’t enough good people to replace them, because – what good person wants to join a bad team
– None of those bosses lasted long
– Neither did the companies
– Firing people is more often management admitting to a failure or being incapable of leading than an admirable show of business acumen
– A group of people pining for the 60’s era singing in front of the Capitol building in a frightened little huddle is sad, not inspiring
– Governments, investors and military outside the US trust predictability
– In government, predictability is a good thing. It shows strength, control and competence
– Does anyone really believe there is such a thing as a ‘surprise attack’ anymore anywhere other than cyberspace?
– Giving warning is the humane way of allowing innocents to flee and enemies to surrender without bloodshed
– At some point people realize you can’t use facts as a weapon in a conflict over values