The Lifeguard Always Wins

Vanderbilt YMCA, May 1, 2013
Lifeguard to guy 1: “You can’t swim here without a bathing cap.”
Guy 1: “Dude. I already swam 10 laps”
Lifeguard: “Congratulations. Go get your cap”
Guy 1: “But it’ll be like starting over when I get back!!!!!”
Lifeguard: “My apologies. Go get your cap”
Guy 1: (points at guy 2) “He’s not wearing one”
Lifeguard: “I don’t care. He’s bald”
Guy 1: (looks at guy 2)
Guy 2: (shrugs) “The man has a point”
Guy 1: (looks at Lifeguard and shouts) “How am I supposed to respond to that!?!!”
Lifeguard: “You’re not. Go get your cap”

(he went and got his cap)