It’s Wednesday. What now.

The U.S. system is resilient. Now it will be tested, not because of who will be president, but because of the way we have treated each other these 18 months. I’m embarrassed for us, but believe the republic will stand.

I had my list of concerns should either candidate win. The list I now hold includes concern for …

1) Minorities, the vulnerable and the disenfranchised who worry they will no longer be treated as equals
2) Those who are not white, Christian, male or US citizens by birth frightened by the rhetoric of this troubling season
3) Free speech and the right to participate in the marketplace of ideas without fear of retribution
4) Democracy as autocrats snicker at what it has wrought
5) The 50 million who believe in the undeliverable utopian promises that have been made, as reality settles in
6) Our economy as protectionism and isolation become demands of the new era
7) US citizens abroad as they struggle to answer for themselves as compared to the public rhetoric emerging from home
8) US companies as they navigate the world with this new set of attributes Brand USA will carry with it
9) The sense of ethics, etiquette and decency we exhibit in our dealings with each other
10) Our safety and that our allies under the uncertain leadership of a leader whose primary promises seem to be vengeance and violence

In the meantime, tomorrow’s another amazing day – one to make what we will of it. Our reality remains far, far from the worst of history.

Lend no one the power to ruin your day.