Hopefully, Insurance Covers Treatment.

Dear Social Media,

Rage is a gateway drug. Be on the lookout.

It often begins with the prescription drugs Passion and Activism. Misused, those can lead to the highly-addictive Outrage. Often the Outrage addict becomes hooked on the street drug Blind Outrage.

At some point, nearly everyone dabbles in Rage.

Rage is often peddled to those who responsibly use Passion and Activism. Sadly, when not careful, one taste of Rage can be the beginning of tragic spiral.

Outrage and Blind Outrage blur discernment, eventually blunting the brain to the point where everything must be organized into “Good” or “Bad” with no spectrum in between. Often this is accompanied by an inability to identify “bad” within that which the addict has identified as “good” or vice versa.

Outrage can cause forgetfulness, for example erasing the memory that persuasion, tenacity and calm persistence generate the outcome an Outrage addict claims to seek.

The Outrage addict eventually loses the ability to communicate or comprehend all but very simple concepts.

Formerly, Outrage addicts were seen on sidewalks, in streets, sometimes in churches and often in political venues.

With the alarming growth of Outrage addiction, addicts can now be found wandering around social media communities, shouting unintelligible epithets at random times toward strangers and passersby.

Tragically, Outrage addicts become alienated from family and friends. Their addiction becomes so strong that nothing will satiate them other than increasingly strong hits of Outrage.

Eventually, the Outrage addict becomes a pathetic, socially-emaciated shell, their outbursts ignored as the crowd passes by, clucking at the tragic figure.

Don’t throw your life away on Outrage. If someone offers you Rage, say “no thank you” and move on.

With warm regards,

A Concerned Citizen