Holiday Cheer.

This is how I know the holidays are almost here:

– Angry, unpleasant people are shoving past each other on 34th St to get into Macys and see the Miracle on 34th street. Most not quite sure what that “miracle” might be.
– Rock Center has that postcard feel – lights, people stumbling on ice skates and scores of flashes as people take pictures of the tree. A completely different place this time of year
– People at the diner sit as always, half asleep over breakfast to the tune of cheery Christmas music, but the staff seem cheerier
– Passive aggressive holiday cards show up from the letter carrier, newspaper deliverer and others I’ve never met, wishing me well and offering the correct spelling of their name for a tip check
– Things get fixed, door people are extra helpful
– A week ago the city smelled of roasting chestnuts, now it’s smelling of slightly burnt chestnuts
– It’s really, really cold