Aww. Hail No.

Anatomy of a 2-hour trip:

5:00 pm: Arrive at the airport
6:00 pm: Hailstorm with ice descriptions ranging from ‘baseball-sized’ to ‘tater tot-sized.’ 7-ish pm Flight delayed – boo!
6:00 – 10:00 pm: Flight delays get later and later in 20-minute increments. Too brief to leave the gate area.
10:00 pm: Board plane – Hooray!
10:30 pm: Get off the plane – flight canceled – boo!
10:30-11:00 pm: Check all rental car companies. Extensive hail damage to the few cars available. No go on renting.

6:00 am: Head back to the airport
7:50 am: Depart for DCA on time – hooray!
9:09 am: Arrive in DCA early – hooray!
10:00 am: Board flight to LGA on time – hooray!
10:15 am: Pilot announces a delay to 11:30-something – whatever!
11:00 am: Flight attendant gives me a biscotti – that can’t be good news
11:14 am: Plane taxiing back to the gate to let us off until further notice
11:15 am: Realize my socks don’t match
11:16 am: Call Amtrak and rental car companies

1:05 pm: Board another plane – no expectations
1:12 pm: Pilot announces delay – of course
1:25 pm: Plane takes off for a gut-wrenching flight through high winds – who cares. At least it’s heading to NYC
2:10 pm: Flight lands – people cheer
2:30 pm: Baggage carousel stops. No bag for me (they made me gate check)
2:40 pm: Bag found (somehow ended up on a different flight in all this wackiness and beat me to LGA – hooray!
2:45 pm: Cab driver: “Tell me a building number. I want to try my new GPS.” Me: “It’s okay I can guide you … never mind” (give my address. who cares. I’m heading home)

My socks still don’t match.