Alone in the DEN

May, 2006

Not much to report. I finally made it to Denver. If you get out your map or Google Earth, you’ll discover that I’m about 4 inches from where I started this afternoon.

I believe I referred to this as a “quick trip”

So here I am in Denver. With a ticket on the redeye home. At least I know I’ll wake up in New York. The peace and quiet is nice. Last flight of the night. Not many people on it. The airport looks like this:

emptyden emptyden2 emptydentrain

So it’s pretty much me, the janitorial staff, a few security people and a handful of other people. Hardly enough for a mutiny. Definitely not enough for a party. And too many for skinny dipping in the fountain out in the terminal.

This isn’t rare. Happens all the time. It’s a great way to have some bonus private time.

Oh, one other major update — I’ve noticed that part of my sneaker tread has peeled off … now that’s a catastrophe!