Yesterday afternoon, on a nice summer day, suddenly the sky fell all at once in sheets of torrential rain right about quitting time at work.

I race across the street to buy an umbrella from the guy with the junky souvenir shop. , I’m drenched when I get there. I grab a touristy ‘I ❤️ NY’ umbrella and hold it up.

Him: “Twelve dollars”

Me: “Twelve dollars?! It’s a six-dollar umbrella”

Him: “Yeah, but now it’s raining” (sweeps his arm as if introducing me the rain)

Me: “You’re kidding. Okay, but I’m already soaked, so I’ll give you six”

Him: “Eight dollars”

Me: “What? Is the rain stopping now?”

Him: “I feel sorry you’re all wet”

Me: “Here’s six dollars. What does that get me?”

(He wordlessly hands me the umbrella then flaps his hand at me to shoo me away)